What Is The Facebook Algorithm? – How It Works

As a business owner, why should you care about the Facebook Algorithm? If you are wondering what this is, the Facebook algorithm is a robot within Facebook that keeps track of how you interact with the platform.

Giving the Facebook Algorithm what it wants is in perfect alignment with the steps you’ll need to take to increase your business’ visibility on Facebook.

Understanding how the Facebook Algorithm works is the first step you need to take if you are looking to grow your business using Facebook.

Because when you increase your visibility using Social Media, you then increase your likability, which elevates your credibility, and, eventually, this increases your business’s profitability.

As a business owner looking to grow your business through social media, you’ve got to realize that growing your business through social media starts when you have a consistent plan to implement your visibility. 

There are two types of people on Facebook.

There are the active users who are liking, loving, commenting, and posting on the platform, and then there the people who are consuming content, but they are not telling Facebook since they rarely like, share, or engage.

The Facebook Algorithm doesn’t like that because they want to know what users think of the content they consume so that Facebook can put more relevant content in front of users that they are likely to enjoy.

It’s the fundamental foundation of how Facebook works.

The Facebook Algorithm works much like a bank account, so it’s not a withdraw and then deposit system. It’s that exact opposite. You have to deposit, deposit, deposit, and then make withdrawals.

A withdrawal being when you have content that you do share, it will be exposed to more people because you’ve been making contributions to the Facebook community.

Here are three simple ways to become more active on the platform:

Comment– Take 3 to 4 minutes a day to make comments on other people’s posts.

Post– Make at least one post a day yourself. If you say that your life is boring and that there is nothing to post, then find something to do that will be worth posting.

Reply– Make replies. If someone comments on your post, make sure you reply. In some cases where it makes senes, ask a question on your replies to create further engagement activity on the content you post.

Communication creates community, and that is what Facebook wants.

So now that you know that engaging others while you are on Facebook is essential, let’s talk about the four personality types that exist on the platform so that you can understand which ones will serve your business.

Communication creates community, and that is what Facebook wants.

There are Four Personality Types on Social Media

Collectors – These are the inactive people on social media that I already mentioned. They save content, but they don’t engage. Don’t be a collector.

Creators – Facebook rewards you for creating content that generates conversations. Why? Because when you create content that generates conversations, you are getting others to contribute. When you are a creator posting engaging content, you are giving the Facebook Algorithm precisely what it is looking for. Essentially, you are making significant deposits!

Contributors – This one is pretty self-explanatory, but contributors are active users who engage in existing content placed by creators. As you like, love, share, and comment, you are acting as a contributor. 

Collaborators – This personality is often seen doing shoutouts and tagging other Facebook users. When you have a common goal with another Facebook user, this can be an effective way to create a mutual benefit of exposure to both parties. 

You can certainly have more than one social media personality. You can be a creator, a contributor, and a collaborator, which is ideal.

But, the takeaway here is that if you are operating on social media as a collector personality, it’s not going to give you the exposure for your business that you likely desire.

Are you interested in learning more details about how you can start creating more visibility of your business on Facebook?

Here’s the link for the course that shows you how to implement the exact strategy we use to book out our calendars with quality prospects who are ready to do business. 

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