The 3-Minute Live Video Content Planning System

If you’re an Insurance Agent, Realtor, Mortgage Professional or Entrepreneur who wants to feel confident about using Facebook Lives, knowing exactly what topics you need to talk about to book out your business, but you struggle with knowing what to say, then you need our “3-Minute Live Video Content Planning System” – a completely NEW way to get results from your social media efforts.

  • An editable collection of one year’s worth of Facebook Live content, video training, with Facebook Ads Class to dramatically increase your visibility
  • This Planning System is created SPECIFICALLY for going live, making it completely different than any other social media planning system on the market today.
  • We’ll give you the EXACT steps in this just released Content Planning System, so that you can learn how to run your Live Broadcasts in a totally new way, leading to booked solid calendars.
  • Book your business solid without the pain, hassle and overwhelm of #alltheshinythings currently available to market your business online…
  • Truly leverage THE best marketing tool available RIGHT NOW to get more qualified, buying clients.

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