How To Use Facebook Live Broadcasts To Grow Your Business

So how you can use Facebook Live Broadcasts to create more visibility and sales opportunities for your business?

Going ‘Live,’ even as often as once a week, can elevate just about any business to new heights, giving you a stream of raving fans who will be standing in line to work with you.

Here’s why it makes sense.

Statistically, Facebook Lives are viewed three times more than pre-recorded posted videos. We think there is something about seeing someone communicating about a topic you are interested in real-time.

Plus, viewers can engage with who they are watching by making comments and adding responses such as ‘Likes,’ ‘Loves,’ and ‘Wows.’

Just like with anything, there are some best practices to convert your live broadcasting efforts into sales opportunities.

If you have a business, launch your live broadcasts from a Business Page. After all, that’s where the analytics are. If you’ve been putting off creating a Business Facebook Page, then this is a perfect reason to do it.

Start doing Facebook Live broadcasts from your Business Page once a week, it will turn it into a rolling infomercial featuring your expertise. This means you will have a consistent process to attract more people to your business.

10 Tips For Your Facebook Live Broadcasts

  • Go widescreen, by tilting your phone sideways.
  • Use a desk tripod for your phone to keep it stable while filming.
  • Use a cheap microphone to improve your audio quality.
  • Use a compelling and interest-grabbing title for your content topic. A simple formula for creating an interest-grabbing title is:

“How to ________ without having to ___________.”  

Think about what is it that you can share from the expertise you’ve accumulated from your business? Think about the things that your ideal audience wants to know, and then make your topics about that content.  

  • Do not be concerned if your viewership is low at first. Create your video with the re-broadcast in mind. The majority of views will happen during the replay.
  • As you start your live broadcasts, establish your authority. Give a brief statement about why viewers should listen to you.
  • Give verbal calls-to-action. Invite your viewers from the beginning to comment. The reason to ask for engagement when going Live is that every comment boosts your reach, so make comment requests easy for your viewers to answer. It can be something as easy as:

 “Let me know where you are watching from today. Reply in the comments below.”

  • Address your live audience as well as your re-broadcast audience by saying:

 “If you are watching live or on the re-broadcast, be sure to leave your answer below.”

  • Make sure the content you share is concise and that it provides value.
  • At the end of every broadcast, tell your viewers what to do next. It could be:

“Join me next week,” or “If you want more information about this topic, comment, and we will send you more info.” 

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, what is a video demonstrating your expertise worth?

Any content you create using video is going to far outperform clever graphics or plain text social media posts.

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, what is a video demonstrating your expertise worth?

Have you already been doing Facebook Lives for your business? If so, please comment below and let me know how they are making a difference for your business. I would love to hear!

Additional Resources

Are you interested in learning more details about how you can start doing Facebook Lives to increase the visibility of your business? 

Here’s the little-known strategy that we use with our clients to help them book out their calendars with quality prospects who are ready to do business.

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