How To Not Be Annoying About Your Business On Facebook

We often get the question: how do you promote your business on Facebook without being annoying? The answer is probably not what you think.
Do you have a service or professional business OR are you are an entrepreneur with products that you want to promote?
Using your personal Facebook profile to do that exclusively can become annoying to your friend connections.  Your personal Facebook profile should mostly be used to feature things you want to share about your hobbies, your interests, and your lifestyle.
Let’s face it; we don’t come to Facebook to intentionally buy things.
If you are on your personal profile promoting your business or products most of the time, that is a good reason for people to unfollow you or even unfriend you.
Chances are, that is not what you want.

The 80/20 rule applies to most things in life, and applying it to your personal social media posting strategy is no exception.

That’s why we recommend using the following posting ratio for your personal Facebook profile:
If you are making 14 posts a week on Facebook:
  • Make ten posts fun and entertaining.
  • Allow three posts to include a subtle reference to your business and
  • Make one post that is a more blatant promotion of what you do in your business.
These low-frequency posts about your business allow you to let your personal circle of friends and family understand what it is that you do without annoying them every single day and night.
After all, there can be times where what you offer in your business will be a perfect match for your friend connections because after all, people enjoy doing business with people who they know, like, and trust.
Use posts that show your lifestyle and your personality 80% of the time. Then, use the other 20% to create light curiosity posts and interest about what it is that you do in business.

Here are 3 pro tips that we suggest when it comes to your personal Facebook profile...

Here are 3 pro tips that we suggest when it comes to your personal Facebook profile:

  • Upload one of your best photos. Make sure your photo is welcoming and that it doesn’t look like a mug shot. After all, you want to be attracting people to you, not repeling them.
  • Upload a cover image that features your hobbies and interests. Revealing this, allows people to discover potential common ground with you that they may not have realized.
  • Activate your Followers button and make your posts public. That way, people can have the opportunity to follow you without necessarily having an official “friend connection” with you. This gives people a safe place to get to know who you are and whether they want to engage further.
How can you activate and make your posts public?
Click the tiny triangle in the upper right corner of your Facebook page. Then, click “settings,” then “privacy” on the left. Then, under “who can see your future posts,” click “edit” to set it to public.
Do you occasionally make posts that you don’t want public? This could be for photos that contain your children, for example.
Facebook has thought of this.
Each time you go to make a post, there is a dropdown option that allows you to decide who can see it.
The privacy setting you select for your most recent post will change your default privacy setting.
As you make posts, be sure to keep an eye on your settings so that you are reaching your intended audience.

Now let’s talk about using a Facebook business page.

Using a Facebook business page will offer you some unique advantages.

  • You can certainly invite your friend connections to “Like” your business page
  • The people you invite who like your page are going to see a lot more content related to your business. If they have a real interest in what you do, it’s a good way for people who are curious to plug in at a deeper level.
  • The distinction is that you aren’t imposing your business content on them since they have voluntarily opted in by liking your business page.
  • Another advantage of using a Facebook business page is that you can run Facebook ads through it to attract new prospects who have an interest in your business and what you offer. Starting with a $5 to $10/day Facebook ad budget is an excellent way to begin.

Using Facebook ads via your Facebook business page is also a smart way to drive people to your website.

Your website is where incoming leads can take advantage of the free resources you offer in exchange for their email address. 

This gives you a way to stay in touch with your leads, turning them into prospects, and eventually into customers.

Do you want to create more of an online presence?

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