How To Make Your Business Stand Out

Chances are, you have many marketing processes going in your agency. As we approach 2020, we’ve never had more of an opportunity to implement automation in our businesses and our lives in general.

Automation is great. Don’t get me wrong here, but since it’s available to everyone, it just ends up creating a bunch of noise.

There’s auto-response sequences for email marketing, There’ are chatbots for Facebook instant messenger. There’s texting campaigns. There’s automation for social media posting.

How Do You Stand Out Above The Marketing Noise?

I was on the phone recently with one of my clients who has an agency in Texas. She complained that she was spending thousands of dollars on leads each month and that they just weren’t converting at a profitable level.

She wanted me to start running Facebook ads for her again as she remembered that they had been some of the best leads she had purchased. I think she forgot that the reason we stopped running the Facebook ads was because even those leads were no longer converting into sales at a profitable level.

She was driving leads from all over the state of Texas. That can pose an even greater challenge for building trust and rapport by going statewide. So how do you get in front of prospects and even clients at a statewide level so they can gain the trust they need that allows you to close more business?

The quick answer is to start creating video content. It gives you the upper hand over your competition, who is likely not doing it yet, but it produces incredible leverage of your time. You can record a video once that allows you to impact your clients and prospects for potentially months or even years while you are doing other things.

Every Time You Film Another Video, It’s Like You Are Creating One More Fishing Pole In The Pond

Thank about it. You create a video a week over the next year, and what is the potential impact of that to your agency’s bottom line? It’s huge because you are going to be cross-selling your existing clients better, generating more referrals from them; as a result, not to mention you will close more prospects. Because people are attracted to your expertise and become familiar with you at a level that you didn’t have with them before, price sensitivity even diminishes.

What’s even better is that you can be on the beach or fast asleep, and clients, prospects, and potential prospects will have the opportunity to experience your expertise as you make a case for the products you offer through your videos.

One year from now, what will that mean to your bottom line? Think about the people YOU are already watching online who you consider to be experts in their field. That’s the power of video that I want to help you harness for your agency.

Consistent Creation of Video Content Gives You a Way to Rise Above That Noise

If you think you don’t have time, it’s crucial for you to gain clarity on what activities during your day are going to yield you the highest results. Time management experts say that if you can pay someone to do a task 80% as good as you can, then you should hire it out. This leaves you available to do higher-value tasks such as video creation.

It’s this high-value work that is necessary if you want to take the profitability of your business to the next level.

It’s never been simpler and easier if you have the right roadmap and mentorship. You still have to put in the work. But it will create a different focus and level of confidence as a business owner when you know that you have a plan.

Consistent creation of video content gives you a way to rise above that noise.

If you think that you don’t know what to say or how to implement video effectively, here’s the link that will explain the process we are using with agencies to add the power of video with a time commitment of just one afternoon a month.

Without a visibility strategy, it’s like buying a vehicle without the tires. Don’t deprive yourself of the ultimate success that can exist for you. Now matters!

Are you ready to change the projectile of your agency with a process for creating video? Click here to sign up for the course. Inside, I’ll be there to hold your hand every step of the way.

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