5 Ways To Shine Online Using Social Media

One of our significant breakthroughs became apparent when we started to look at our own Social Media presence as a bank account. 

When you think about it, can you make withdrawals from an empty bank account? 

Of course not. Well, the same is true for your Social Media strategy. 

The reality is that you cannot expect to monetize and grow any business if you haven’t first invested in creating a connection with your audience.

That’ s why today we are going to talk about the five best things you can do to stand out. 

So let’s get the party started! 

#1: Tell Your Story

You may think that your story isn’t worth telling, but in reality, it is! 

If you want to build trust, you need to tell your audience who you are!

Does that make you a bit nervous? That’s okay! 

It’s normal, and it’s just part of putting yourself out there. 

Share your story with authenticity, and it will serve you.

One of the most effective ways to initiate conversations and engage with people is by using Story-telling.

Make it a point to use Facebook and/or Instagram Stories to tell your stories!

It provides a way for them to get to know you, like you and trust you. And then you know where that leads?

It leads to growing your business and making more money!

#2 Create Videos

Does the idea of creating videos give you anxiety? 

It’s a common feeling at first, but do it anyway.

When we started recording videos, it was painful. 

We weren’t looking straight at the camera. We were tripping over our words.  We had technical issues that caused extra stress. The videos weren’t that great!  

It’s essential for you to keep all of your videos because later on, it will be an awesome way for you to see your progress and how far you have come! 

If the thought of recording videos gives you anxiety, just imagine that you already have thousands of people tuning in to watch you and that you are already a pro!

Share your story with authenticity, and it will serve you.

#3: Be an Interviewer

Leverage the expertise of others to help you create more value for your audience.

Ask people who you find interesting if they would like to join you in recording a video broadcast.

Focus on interviewing people who have insights that compliment your business.

You might be surprised at how many people will say “yes”!

Then, create a few questions and do a Facebook Live! 

Your audience will enjoy the value, and this keeps them coming back for more.

#4: Be Consistent

Are you ghosting instead of posting? 

We recommend posting videos at least once or twice a week. 

This also gives you a way to find your voice and build a new habit that helps elevate your own levels of success. 

Then just add this task to your schedule and do it.

Remember: Once you start, keep doing it.

80% of your Social Media posting content should contain value, inspiration or entertainment.

#5: Build and Nurture Relationships

How many people have you spoken to in the last few weeks?  Not, sold to, but just talked to?

These communication numbers can be very telling because it is an indicator of whether or not you are actively building relationships.

Here’s the deal: Most of us do not start out with a following.

Yet, if you want to increase your success as an entrepreneur, then you’ll find that putting yourself out there and talking to people will serve you!

Even if they don’t buy from you right way, you should have the mindset that at some point, they will!

Download your copy of The Social Media Posting Survival Guide where we reveal the best formats for creating posts that generate curiosity along with the most effective posting frequencies.

Which tip will you use first? Let us know in the comments below!

And if you found this video and article valuable, please share the love with others you think will like it too! 

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