Many Insurance Agents know the importance of putting out content on social media,  but there is one huge problem.

The problem is… they are sharing the same mundane content provided by the company they represent with the wrong audience. They are keeping themselves busy by placing “pretty” posts. Yet this “busy work” is not generating results.

There is a common “all-or-nothing” mentality.

And they are operating with ZERO strategy. 

What’s even worse, is they lack the concrete processes and systems to turn followers and fans into buyers. When was the last time you cashed a check at the bank from likes or followers?

Typically, agency owners don’t have time to focus on this stuff, are we right? 

There is a new way.It’s by doing livestreaming video.
Now, wait… before you click and say “Heck no, this is not for me” hear us out.
It only takes about 3 minutes one or twice a week to do this effectively. That’s all. We want to show you exactly how you can put this process to work in your business. 

That’s why we are offering you instant access to our 3-Minute Live Video Planning System worth $297…

For only $27!

Imagine clicking the “End Broadcast” button on your Facebook Lives and then going out for an afternoon of total ease and freedom, while leads come in.
(You know, the good ones where people are eager to work with you?) 
How would your life feel if you started your day with intention, living your life on you own terms… sitting down to work only after you have enjoyed your favorite workout, taken a shower and grabbed a hot latte. Imagine how you’ll feel opening your email inbox to find appointment requests from people who want to work with you.

How would your business be changed if you could:

You may feel like you have attempted everything, from buying leads, blogging, randomly broadcasting a livestream without a strategy and coming up with all of the content your brain can muster.
Or maybe you have come up with plan after plan, only to fall short of actually implementing it.
You feel tightness in your chest, knowing that next month you will need to find for more clients again.
You don’t  really have any more money or time to waste on things that aren’t working.

There is indeed a secret amongst those “big name” online business insiders 

and how they are achieving their monthly income milestones, 
without rolling the dice on ad spend, without technology headaches, 
and non-existence of  feast or famine inside of their businesses.
Isn’t time for you to be in on their little secret?


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Unlike other programs you might have seen, this system comes with enough content to keep you going for an entire year.

You certainly deserve to have addicted followers who are captivated by you along with a booked-out business calendar that comes with it.

 Never again will you lose your appetite or feel those heart palpitations wondering when and if another referral is headed your way.



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One -Year Content Plan

For 1 to 2 Lives per Week

The Quickest Way to Become
Known, Liked and Trusted

No More “I Don’t Really Know What to Say”

Plus... 6 New Bonuses!


Your answer (and link to OUR personal funnel) to book calls directly from your responses in three simple steps.

1. Present Social Proof
2. Qualify the Lead
3. Schedule the Initial Call


Two quick and easy template examples you can steal to announce to your list of clients and prospects (or followers) that you’ll be going live at a certain time.


We’ve  also created a Trello board for you to use so that you can save your ideas. This way, when the inspiration strikes, say, when you’re out to lunch or playing with your children, you can take a note down and save that idea before it leaves your memory.


This spreadsheet will help you visualize how many new clients you need to hit your goals (both in the amount of money you want to make as well as how many hours per week you want to be working). 


Learn how to run ads to your video broadcasts to grow your reach, impact and income.


Learn how to optimize your videos, by:
* Adding captions
* Editing the thumbnail
* Editing the description

Why Should You Trust US?

  • We don’t just teach this stuff. We actually do it. We use this EXACT same system for our businesses and with our clients to boost their success. We aren’t repeating the “top-secret” formula from the latest guru.
  • We not JUST marketing strategists (We’re not one of those intangible coaches who coaches coaches  – “on what exactly?” We wonder that same thing.), but we are additionally marketing and visibility consultants, strategists, designers, writers, agency owners and service-providers. (We’ve actually had clients teasingly call us angels, therapists, and long-lost best friends.) We’ve been working in this space since 2010 and We’ve been in digital marketing since 2008. WE GET IT. (Why, yes… we just may be the unicorns you have been looking for.)
  • We’ve helped businesses make lots of money. We’ve worked with clients in different markets, from insurance to real estate (Yes… seriously – If you ask us to write a blog about life insurance, we can still do it.), and we have seen what works and what doesn’t.
  • We are GOOD humans. We live in Arizona with our Yorkie, Elvis.  We’ve created a  life where we get to work (or play) when and where we want. We are living proof that it’s 110% possible to have it all, and we want you to have that too.

Hi, We are Rick and Steph!

We are marketing and visibility strategists & we work with success-driven business owners and entrepreneurs.
After years spent growing our digital marketing agency, we’ve learned just how frustrating it can be to work as a solo-preneur, working constantly just to keep up. Over time, We’ve learned how to manage an expanding business with various revenue streams, while ditching the “business as usual” trading of hours for dollars.  We’ve figured out how to make more income, while working less.
Now it is time for you to make a decision about what you really want going forward. Maybe you would like your bank account to have have an additional zero so that you never have to dread looking at your credit card statements.
Or spend more of your time doing what you  love, whether it’s time with your family,  learning how to finally play the piano, vacationing around the world and/or never missing your favorite pilates class or golf course. You decide.
If you would like to know that all of your efforts and all of the agonizing over your business is worth it, we are here to tell you that it will be.

Whatever you desire, it is now within your reach.

Rick and Steph really blew me away with this marketing strategy. We appreciated how we were able to take somethings we were already doing and then make adjustments which saved us massive amounts of time as well as hundreds of dollars in potentially wasted resources.

If you feel like you’re lost, you need Rick and Steph on your side.
Cindy Meranto

Rick and Steph have been extremely helpful in guiding me and my business with Ads. Prior to sitting down with Rick and Steph, I felt like Facebook ads were not for me. 

Rick and Steph gave me a step-by-step strategy and the information to use FB ads correctly. I have noticed a major difference in how my ads are performing!
spencer brown

Rick and Steph are the experts you’ll want in your corner. They helped me prioritize and understand each step in my digital marketing journey. Their consulting style is easy going, informative, and from what I can see so far (only been a few days) – VERY effective. I highly recommend them!

Rick and Steph have really helped me develop my Facebook ads strategy. It was life-changing! They gave me some great insight to ensure that I’m targeting the right audience.
Brad Kidder, Real Estate Agent

This program is packed full of golden nuggets entrepreneurs are searching for to grow their businesses. It is an absolute game-changer!  This information simplifies our focus so much so that our efforts  are now actually produce opportunities for us.  We just weren’t getting that before so it’s pretty exciting!

Bryan and Tina Stimson
brian and tina
Darlene Hill

Rick and Steph Moore are absolute geniuses at helping people brand themselves to create more opportunities and more income streams. They are true warriors in this arena, helping people reach amazing levels of success. Darlene Rose – The Secret Is You

Passionate when it comes to having success in your business and you are ready  to operate it with ease.
Finished making excuses to your friends and family about when your business is really going to take off.
Sick and tired of watching others in your industry enjoying more success than you.
If you have been wondering about what you are missing.
Ready for things to be easier.
Willing to take action.
Deep down inside you really don’t think that you are cut out for business.
You are typically skeptical thinking that no one will actually pay for your services.
You are not good at taking action..
You aren’t willing to show up authentically to connect.
You don’t believe that winning the trust of your customers is important.
We are small business owners just like you. We understand the risk you may feel when you decide to make an investment in a digital product. You don’t want to waste your money on something you could have read in a blog post.
We are extremely proud of the products we create and we know that anyone who purchases and implements these strategies will be thrilled that they made this investment.
That’s why we are offering you a 30-day money back guarantee. While we can’t guarantee that the system will triple your social media engagement or your money, we can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the system and the stress and time it will save you.
If you are not happy with the product, we will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.


What is standing in your way of finally getting new clients from Facebook Lives and attaining that influencer status you need to be working towards to create a future of booked calendars, speaking opportunities as well as writing your own book?

We know that templates will not make a business. It’s the relationships you’ll create with your followers that will do that. That is exactly why we created and based this training on how to create a tribe of raving fans. We want to give you the process that enables you to deliver  ongoing nurturing to create repeat sales.

When you click the “Yes, I want this!” button below, you’ll be taken to a checkout page where you can directly enter your payment information.

This is a special offer and it will be going up in price soon. Don’t miss this opportunity.


That’s EXACTLY why we’ve created this system. You can just plug and play. It’s super easy to learn. 

Creating visibility for your insurance agency is like exercising. You don’t need to have an all or nothing mentality. Even if this system helps you go live for the first time, OR launch a monthly Facebook Live – it will be worth the small investment of $27. Plus, you can record all of your videos for the month in one afternoon and then schedule them as a Live Broadcast each week.

This system includes a downloadable file with that you can print and brainstorm your content on. There is also a $39/month option to get six pre-written Witty Scripts about Insurance sent to your inbox each month. You can copy and paste these scripts into a teleprompter app (referenced in the course) into your Smart Phone so that your videos will be entertaining and educational.

Well, you are in luck! We specialize in coaching, strategy and consulting, and we have a terrific agency team to get projects done FOR you. We are easily accessible via email at [email protected]

You will get an email right after your purchase, giving you a link to access your membership portal containing all of the files and videos.

Awesome! If you prefer  Instagram, you can also use this system as an inspiration for livestreams, stories OR IGTV Episodes. 

Ok, we certainly get it. You don’t actually have to launch your Live videos on the fly as Live videos. There is an app revealed in the course that allows you to record your videos first and then launch them as a Live Broadcast. 

We will stand by our 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. No worries. BUT, we will also tell you that we are obsessed with delivering the best product to market. Do you have a suggestion? Let us customize a product for YOUR EXACT NEEDS.

GO LIVE AND Attract More CLIENTS & quote opportunities today!

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